PoorPilgrim is a team of travelers with actual travel experience and expertise in global trip planning and logistics. For this reason, we also offer super affordable prices.

When planning each trip, our team carefully chooses each and every travel provider based on qualified reviews, customer service and knowledge of travel.

Every trip with PoorPilgrim is pieced together to be irrepeatable and unique according to your desires. After 40+ countries explored and over 15 years of travel experience, we look forward to having you plan your next trip with us.


20% of our profits protect and empower at risk children.

Our team works with trusted schools, safe houses and orphanages to secure that these children are protected and empowered. At the present moment, we are helping 13 little beautiful girls at a safe house in Rancho Viejo, Mexico. Currently, we provide food, medical services, safety and education for them.

Together we can make a difference, one child at a time.


PoorPilgrim offers different ways to travel because we live in a world of variety. No matter what kind of traveler you are, we invite you into the world of traveling charitably.

Here are some of the trips we have planned and travel services we offer: Legal travel to Cuba, flight and hotel bookings, All Inclusives, Outdoor Adventures, Destination Weddings, Honeymoons, Anniversaries, Pilgrimages, Charity trips and more.


  • Unfortunately, there are more than 35 million children under 5 who are at risk globally (UNICEF). The numbers are sorrowful, but our hope and love must be grand. We can never stop fighting.
    Monica Casillas Rojo
  • "They booked my trip, gave me what I asked for, at the best price, and easy on me. As long as they can book it I will go through them."
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  • "Monica & Eduardo are a wonderful team! Vey detailed and easy to work with. They took care of every detail for our travel need. I would recommend then to anyone that wants a detailed planner and worry free travel planning!"
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  • "PoorPilgrim es una extraordinaria compañía donde el trato personal, profesional y cercano genera satisfacción desde el primer momento. Seguridad en el viajar, paz y tranquilidad son las sensaciones de quien hace la experiencia PoorPilgrim. No conozco alguna otra asociación donde pueda llenar mis viajes de mayor placer y riqueza vivencial."
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  • "PoorPilgrim is a true blessing helping to bring more light and happiness for those in need. They also help find cheap travel deals whether its for personal needs or trips to help with the organization. Monica and Edu are an incredible match, team, and reliable friends!"
    (Google Review)
  • "I haven't traveled in years! I am glad PoorPilgrim was there to help with my traveling needs. Eduardo was very pleasant and thorough in explaining any questions I had. He was able to find something that was reasonably priced and fit my needs. I will definitely be recommending PoorPilgrim to my family and friends. Thank you!"
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  • "Lorena and I decided to travel to Peru and while researching for the vacation discovered that tickets to Machu Picchu were limited and also had to be purchased in person or through the Peruvian government's non-working website. Edu was somehow able to obtain passes for us and also had several recommendations that turned out to be some of the greatest highlights of the trip. Thank you for the assistance, we will definitely be using Poor Pilgrim in the future!"
    Lorena & Chase
    (TrustPilot Review)
  • "I was very happy with my experience with Poorpilgrim. They were very helpful in finding me a flight at a price that I was happy with. I also thought they did a good job of responding and adjusting to my different request or needs. Would definitely recommend."
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  • Thanks again for an awesome trip to Cuba!!
    Cristina (Colorado)
  • The whole trip went perfectly, actually. Thank you so much for every detail. Everything went off without a hitch and the locations you found for hotels were perfect. Thank you, thank you. (Custom Trip: Japan)
    Amanda (Texas)
  • PoorPilgrim planned a 30 person wedding for my sister. I am so impressed with how well they did with all the details and logistics. Thank you so much.
    Cristabel (Colorado)
  • Thank you for planning and making our destination wedding a dream come true. We cannot wait for our next adventure!
    Eric (Colorado)
  • An organization that aims to create a charitable way to travel. They've designed several trips and styles of travel that they'll be hosting all over the world.
    Bridget (Colorado)
  • A very intriguing initiative.
    Michael (Colombia)
  • "I returned from a trip to Cuba with Poor Pilgrim and it was an amazing experience! There was nothing Poor about it! The accommodations were authentic and of an excellent quality but the price was much lower than other agencies. We had experiences and interactions with the people that I am sure we would not have experienced either on our own or with a standard tour group. I have already asked them to plan a custom trip to Croatia this summer and they are full of ideas."
    (Google Review)
  • An amazing Organization.
    Cheryl (New Mexico)
  • Thank you so much to the PoorPilgrim team, for putting my trip to Florida together for my Fiancé and I.
    Laura (Colorado)
  • As an International Organization, it is our vision to continue developing new ways to live and give Charitably. Currently we are working in Mexico, and planning to extend our Charitable projects out to the children of Cuba and Haiti. If you are passionate about serving children, contact us. We are always grateful to hear about new ways to grow the mission.
    Eduardo Rojo
  • "They were extremely helpful and got us the best deals on travel we could not find anywhere on the internet. Despite time changes they were always available for help or questions when we needed them. Everything worked out well and they did it all with so much care!"
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